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Technical notes have been prepared to guide the planners and decision makers on how the performance of the sectors vis-à-vis the PDP targets were determined. The StatDev simply highlights the performance of the sectors during the plan period. 


StatDev 2014 is anchored on the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016.  Based on the PDP Results Matrices (RM) 2011-2016, strategies and programs have been identified to get the country moving toward sustained growth. Targets have been set for these strategies against which the development efforts of the government will be measured vis-à-vis the Plan.  Based on the measurable outputs/targets in the PDP-RM, the PSA compiled data for the key indicators by sector.  Due to data unavailability, not all the strategies/targets in the PDP are covered in the StatDev. 

Data covering the year 2014 were taken from the source agencies as well as agency websites and publications.  The data were compared with the PDP strategies/targets to determine the achievement of targets, thus, providing indications on the performance of the sectors during the plan period. 

The strategies/targets indicated in the PDP are mostly for 2016 which is the end of the plan period. However, there are some strategies with annual targets while others do not have targets. 

For indicators with targets, some targets have already been attained even before the end of plan period which implies “good performance.” 

For the other indicators, the tracking method used for monitoring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was adopted, as follows: 



If the pace of performance is:         
more than 0.9                          ----   good performance 
between 0.5 and 0.9                ----   average performance
less than 0.5                            ----   poor performance

For indicators with zero baseline, the ratio of the actual accomplishment with the annual target is considered in the computation of pace of performance.

For indicators without targets, the pace of performance are described as either increasing, decreasing, or no status (no label), depending on the trend of the data for the past two years.


 The following icons are used:

Description: green

Good performance

means that the target has already been reached or the probability of attaining the target is high and thus, the target is likely to be attained

Description: yellow


means that the probability of attaining the target is medium and thus, the target may or may not be attained

Description: red


means that the probability of attaining the target is low and thus, the target is not likely to be attained


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