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Sectoral Statistics

The following statistical tables are taken from the Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) - an annual publication of the National Statistical Coordination Board - Regional Division V. The RSET presents comprehensive data on the various sectors of the region its component provinces, cities and municipalities. The data are useful in making decisions and setting policies as well as in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects towards effective governance and public service delivery at the local level.


Population and Housing
Population counts during several censuses; population projections; housing units; migration patterns; human development index

Economic Accounts
Gross Regional Domestic Product by industrial origin, growth and indices at constant and current prices; Gross Regional Domestic Expenditure

Income and Prices
Family income and expenditures; poverty incidence and threshold; consumer price index; inflation rate; purchasing power of the peso

Vital, Health and Nutrition
Live births, deaths and marriages;
mortality and morbidity; hospitals, health personnel and facilities; nutrition

Environment and Natural Resources
Land classification;
volume and value of mineral production; watershed areas; climatological data

rops; livestock and poultry inventory; fishery production; farms; agrarian reform program; registered cooperatives

Establishments: Industrial Sector
Establishments by  industry; private building construction; business name registered; investments by industry

Commodity flow; volume and value of air and rail trade, imports and exports; cargo loaded and unloaded

Tourist arrivals
by country of residence; hotels and accommodation establishments; hotel rooms

Schools; enrolment
by grade level; graduates; teachers; literacy rate; performance indicators

Public Administration
Income classification; government revenues; local government income and expenditures

Labor and Employment
Labor force
by industry and occupation; participation rate; employment rate; unemployment rate; closures and retrenchments; unions/labor organizations; strikes and lockouts

Social Services
Clients served by government outreach and service programs; disabled persons; coverage of government insurance system

Transportation and Communication
Motor vehicles; roads; bridges; ports; aircraft movement; telecommunications; mail volume

Energy and Water Resources
Energization coverage; power distribution; power rates; connections; irrigation systems; irrigators' association

Money and Banking
Financial system; total deposits; operating income; loan portfolio; banking resources

Public Order, Safety and Justice
Crime volume, rate and crimes solved; fire incidence, deaths and damages; law enforcers; jail population; cases handled and legal assistance extended

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