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As the overall coordinator of the Philippine Statistical System, the PSA prepares and disseminates statistical publications containing official statistics produced by the different agencies in government and some institutions from the private sector.

These publications serve as integrating instruments for the wealth of data available in the country and  vehicles for wider dissemination of data.

The following are some of the PSA publications which can be ordered from the bookshoppe.

The Philippine Statistical Yearbook (PSY) 2014 is a Philippine Statistical Yearbookcompilation of major economic and social statistical information produced by government agencies, as well as data from international organizations. It is a convenient statistical reference for those engaged in corporate planning, market forecasting, research, and technical studies. Data are available on the national level with some subnational breakdowns and grouped in 19 economic and social sectors.
Also available in CD.

The Economic Indicators (EI) is a monthly publication Economic Indicatorswhich presents the latest available monthly statistical indicators of the levels and trends of the country's economic activities and performance to meet the needs of policy and decision makers and other researchers. The indicators are presented in a moving thirteen-month time series to guide data users towards a more meaningful analysis of economic behavior and events.
Also available in CD.

Frequency: Annual Price: P1,905.00 Frequency: Monthly  Price: P255.00

The Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET) 2014 is  an annual compendium of time-series social and economic data at the subnational level. This is available for Regions I, V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and for the Cordillera Administrative Region, where the PSA has its regional divisions. Graphics and illustrations are included to highlight significant indicators. 
Also available in CD.

The National Accounts of the Philippines (NAP)National Accounts of the Philippines  presents measures of the aggregate sum of factor incomes/payments arising from the production activities of the country as well as the flows from production to consumption, accumulation and foreign trade useful to planners and policy makers from all sectors in economic analysis, decision-making and policy formulation. Also available in CD.

Frequency: Annual Price: P1,855.00 Frequency: Quarterly/Sem'l./Annual Price: P285.00

The Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) Gross Regional Domestic Product2011-2013 presents the aggregate of gross value added (GVA) of all resident producing units in the region. It is very useful in assessing the economic performance of the regions in the country which can provide tools for sound policy, planning and decision making. Also available in CD.

The Gross Regional Domestic Expenditure (GRDE) Gross Regional Domestic Expenditure2011-2013 presents the expenditure of residents of the region in the domestic territory plus their expenditures in other regions including the rest of the world. This is intended to complement the current series of the Gross Regional Domestic Product.
Also available in CD.

Frequency: Annual Price: P345.00 Frequency: Annual Price: P345.00

The Philippine Standard Occupational ClassificationPhilippine Standard Occupational Classification (PSOC) Update 2002 is a statistical classification of the different occupation groups of the working population. It serves as a guide for various users, particularly those responsible for job placement and recruitment services, vocational training and guidance, immigration purposes, and related activities. 
Also available in CD.

The Countryside in Figures: Albay, 2nd Edition 2014 has been patterned after the national and regional versions of the publication "The Countryside in Figures". A useful tool for planners, investors, and researchers interested in the province of Albay, the publication contains relevant statistics and indicators about the performance of the province. Whenever available, data down to the municipal level are likewise presented.
(Also available for the provinces of Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon)
Also available in CD.

Frequency: As need arises Price: P555.00 Frequency: As need arises Price: P1,205.00

The Philippine Standard Commodity Classification Philippine Standard Commodity Classification(PSCC) 2004 presents the latest reclassification of commodities, particularly those that enter the Philippine trade. It was prepared in answer to the need for a new national commodity classification system reflective of more current technological advancements and the economic structure of the country. The classification of commodities is presented in six level of details: section, division, group, subgroup, item and sub-item.
Also available in CD. 

The Philippine Standard Industrial Classification Philippine Standard Industrial Classification(PSIC) 2009 is a statistical classification of all economic activities, designed as a guide and a comprehensive framework for securing uniformity and comparability of statistics that are collected, processed and analyzed by various data users on both government and private sectors, including those involved in statistics and research activities. 
Also available in CD.

Frequency: As need arises Price: P1,605.00 Frequency: As need arises Price:P1,205.00

The Dictionary of Selected Statistical Terms is aDictionary of Selected Statistical Terms collection of selected common statistical terms, concepts, and indicators used by data producers and users. It aims to promote uniform interpretation of terms used in censuses, surveys, and development plans. The formula and method of computation and illustration for each term are included together with its standard definition and explanation. 

The Manual on the Preparation of Statistical ProjectManual on the Preparation of Statistical Project Proposals Proposals is meant to provide a practical guide in the development of statistical project proposals by data users and producers, especially at the subnational level. It provides a comprehensive discussion of the strategies and procedures in concept development, planning and packaging of proposals for undertaking statistical development projects to enhance their viability and marketability. 

Frequency: As need arises Price: P195.00 Frequency: One time Price: P205.00

Quarterly Economic Indices of the PhilippinesThe Foreign Direct Investments contains information on foreign direct investments (FDIs) and investments by Filipinos approved by promotion agencies, FDIs registered with SEC, BTRCP and BSP and actual FDIs as presented in the Balance of Payments (BOP) by BSP. It is a useful input to the development policies and monitors the strategy of encouraging foreign investments in the country. 
Also available in CD.

The 2012 Official Poverty Statistics of the PhilippinesPhilippine Provincial Poverty Statistics provides important poverty information such as the food and poverty thresholds and the subsistence and poverty incidence rates. It also contains other useful poverty-related statistics like the income gap, the poverty gap, and the severity of poverty. It discusses poverty incidence alongside the human development index as well as the concentration of poverty compared with population and the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Frequency:Quarterly Price: P255.00 Frequency: Every 3 years Price: P285.00

Input-Output Accounts of the PhilippinesThe 2000 Input-Output Accounts of the Philippines serves as a tool for planners in analyzing the structures of the economy to enable them to formulate programs and policies towards attainment of economic progress and social welfare of the people.
Also available in CD.

Human Development IndexThe Human Development Index (HDI) 2000 presents a summary that reflects the most important dimensions of human development: the state of health; the level of knowledge and skills; and the livelihood and standard of living.

Frequency: Irregular Price: P1,605.00 Frequency: Every 3 years Price: P235.00

The report "Metro Manila - A Gateway to the Metro Manila - A Gateway to the PhilippinesPhilippines" a comprehensive information tools on the region's historical development, land resources, its people, economy, infrastructure, and industries. The performance of the different cities and municipalities comprising the region are compared using statistical indicators. Provides an integrated source of information for planners and policy makers, for researchers, and for those who may wish to establish business in the metropolis.

The Philippine Countryside in Figures providesThe Philippine Countryside in Figures relevant statistics to various data users in the government as well as the private sector which includes sixty (60) data items/indicators about the provinces and key cities in the Philippines. It can also be used as a reference for comparing the performance of our provinces and cities in different areas of interest and as a useful document in discerning challenges and opportunities at the local level.

Frequency: Special Editions Price: P455.00 Frequency: Annual Price: P505.00

The 2015 Statistical Handbook on Women and Men in Bicol Region presents the latest available gender statistics in the Bicol Region through tables, charts, and analyses. This handbook will be a significant source of information for decision-makers, project planners, implementors and evaluators to guide them in their advocacy work and in the formulation of plans, programs and policies for the advancement of women in the region. 
Also available in CD.

The Philippine National Health Accounts containsPhilippine National Health Accounts analyses, tables and graphs depicting the patterns of health care spending in the country. In line with the focus of the current administration of making high quality health care available to the poorest segment of the country’s population, data presented would help determine whether the aggregate health care spending from all sources is adequate to meet basic minimum requirements and identify probable areas of inefficiencies in allocating health care resources. 

Frequency: Every 3 years Price: P500.00 Frequency: Annual Price: P285.00

Prices are based if publications are delivered and effective January 2015


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