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The StatWatch is an info sheet presenting the major and most common social and economic indicators for the region and its provinces used by government and business planners, decision makers and the general public. The StatWatch is updated and released periodically or as soon as the latest data are released. This type of publication provides timely trends of development.


The FactSheet showcases relevant data/indicators and brief analyses, statistical concepts, methodologies, standards and other statistical development most of which are not commonly known or readily available to users in the region. The FactSheet is disseminated to government and business planners and researchers to promote their understanding and awareness of events, etc.

Stat News

Brief articles/data features on the latest data/indicators, concepts, methodologies and developments are published in a column or Stat Corner in local dailies to reach a wider audience and the general public to make them more informed, thus contributing to people empowerment and mass information.

Sectoral Statistics
Regional Social and Economic Trends (RSET)

Presents comprehensive data on the various sectors of the region its component provinces, cities and municipalities. The RSET continues to be the only available regular publication in the region which contains a comprehensive compilation of multi-sectoral data about the region presented in time series. The data are useful in making decisions and setting policies as well as in the formulation and implementation of programs and projects towards effective governance and public service delivery at the local level.

Bicol Region in Figures

The Bicol Region in Figures gives the statistical profile of the physical, social and economic conditions in the region and its provinces which enhances the business prospects/promotes possible investment areas and tourism in the region. It is updated/published annually.

Gender Statistics

The Statistical Handbook on Women and Men in Bicol Region is a compilation of latest available and relevant gender statistics in the region in a form accessible to those who are concerned with gender issues. The handbook hopes to provide relevant, timely and user-friendly information on gender issues which are deemed important to planners, researchers and other users in gender and development advocacy, plans, programs and policies.

Inventory of Statistics Available in the Government (ISAG)

The inventory provides a profile of the statistics being generated/produced by government agencies and local government units in the region and is also used to identify data gaps and deficiencies. The accompanying statistical directory serves as a locator of various statistical personnel/organizations of government agencies and local government units in the region. It serves as a useful guide in locating information in the region to facilitate research, thus, saving on time and resources in data sourcing.

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