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PSA Launches Survey on Gender Equality



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Press Release

PSA Launches Survey on Gender Equality
(PR-201511-PP1-01, Posted 10 November 2015)


The world has recognized the critical role of gender equality and women empowerment in attaining sustainable development on 26 September 2015 as the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) consisting 169 targets identified under 17 global goals. Moreover, Goal 5 was designated as the stand-alone gender goal due to its importance. For the purpose of monitoring the SDGs and achieving gender equality to all, the national statistics offices (NSOs) of nine countries, including the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and those of Mongolia and Georgia agreed to pilot data collection on individual-level asset ownership and entrepreneurship in 2015 through ADB’s R-CDTA 8243: Statistical Capacity Development for Social Inclusion and Gender Equality.

In this regard, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) launches the 2015 Evidence and Data for Gender Equality (EDGE) Project designed specifically to gather sex-disaggregated information on socio-economic and demographic attributes, measures of asset ownership and entrepreneurship. The pilot survey aims to provide insights into three broad sets of policy issues including: women’s empowerment and decision-making, understanding livelihoods, and reducing poverty and vulnerability. The lessons learned from these pilot studies will be incorporated into the final EDGE methodological guidelines on measuring asset ownership and control from a gender perspective, which will be presented to the United Nations Statistical Commission in 2017 for endorsement.

The EDGE project seeks to strengthen and accelerate existing efforts to develop internationally comparable gender indicators on health, education, employment, entrepreneurship and asset ownership. The EDGE methodologies can also be used as a means of revising questions in some surveys in which assets are being asked to include gender ownership. Detailed procedures on how to ask questions and record the answers can also be learned from the EDGE methods. This project is a three-year initiative building on the work of the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics (IAEG-GS), jointly managed by UNSD and UN Women and implemented in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the World Bank.

The EDGE pilot will cover sampled households of about 1,550 households for the province of Cavite with EDGE Form 2 or the Household Questionnaire to be conducted to its primary respondent, i.e. the person who has the most information related to assets owned by household members. If household has adult members 18 years and over, EDGE Form 3 or the Individual Questionnaire will be administered for a maximum of three sample respondents.  

The reference period of the survey is from 14 September 2015 to 10 October 2015 with personal interview as its method of data collection. Multi Stage Sampling Design or two-stage sampling design was used in the selection of samples.

The total cost of the pilot survey is estimated at Php 5,500,000.00 or Php 3,548.39 per household, covering expenses for wages of enumerators, travel, supplies, printing, communications, and training. The expected date of release of results from the EDGE pilot survey will be at a dissemination forum on 23 February 2016.

The authority and mandate of the PSA to conduct this survey emanates from the Republic Act No. 10625 and Executive Order No. 352 which states that the PSA shall be primarily responsible for all national censuses and surveys, including sector statistics, consolidation of administrative recording system, and compilation of national accounts.  

Further inquiries on this matter may be coursed through Ms. Maria Fe M. Talento and Ms. Patricia Anne L. Rivera at telephone numbered 376-1928 and 376-1931, or email addresses and



National Statistician and Civil Registrar General




1 Contact Persons

Ms. Maria Fe M. Talento, Ms. Patricia Anne L. Rivera,
Ms. Gean Obvidenci B. Ceñidoza and Mr. Elijah Joy S. Alonzo
Telefax Nos.: (632) 376-1928
E-mail: ,,                     and




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