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Philippine Statistics Authority Conducts Various Agricultural Surveys



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Press Release

Philippine Statistics Authority Conducts Various Agricultural Surveys
(PR-201503-PP1-01, Posted 01 April 2015)


In addition to the palay and corn surveys, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) conducts various agricultural surveys on crops, livestock and poultry, agricultural labor, as well as organic agricultural production. Results of these surveys provide an overview of the current state of the country’s agriculture sector, thus allowing key planners in the government to make necessary policies, programs, and decisions on the said sector. These surveys include the following:

  1. 2015 Crops Production Survey

    (PSA Approval Number: PSA-1509, expires on February 29, 2016)

    The Crops Production Survey (CrPS) is a quarterly survey that generates basic production statistics for various crops (except palay and corn) at the national, regional, and provincial levels. The survey covers at least 200 crops, of which 19 are considered major crops.

    The data collection phase for the 2015 CrPS is conducted during the second month of the reference quarter. For each crop, 6 to 10 households among all the provinces in the country will be surveyed. Major data items to be collected from the survey include volume of production, area planted/harvested, number of bearing trees, yield per hectare, yield per bearing tree, and bearing trees per hectare.

    Results of this statistical data collection activity will be released through the following publications:

    • Quarterly Bulletin for Major Vegetables and Root Crops

    • Quarterly Bulletin for Major Fruit Crops

    • Quarterly Bulletin for Non-food and Industrial Crops (released 60 days after reference period)

    • Crops Statistics of the Philippines (released in August after the reference year)

    • Major Crops Statistics of the Philippines (released September after reference year)

    For the 2015 CrPS, a budget of PhP 3 million, or around PhP 1,500 per household, is allocated to cover expenses on personal services, travel, purchase of supplies, printing, and field operations, among others.

  2. 2015 Agricultural Labor Survey

    (PSA Approval Number: PSA-1516, expires on March 31, 2016)

    The Agricultural Labor Survey (ALS) is a semi-annual survey which generates information on the cost of farm labor or wage rates of palay, corn, coconut, and sugarcane farm workers. The survey, which is conducted in July and December, specifically aims to:

    • Determine the national and regional averages and variations on wage rates by type of labor  for the different farm operations;

    • Generate gender-based data for wage rates; and

    • Determine the extent of women's participation in agricultural production activities.

    The 2015 ALS will be administered to 3,360 households nationwide to collect information on the daily wage rate of farm workers, number of mandays per hectare, distribution of hired workers, and distribution of farm households employing hired workers, among others.

    A budget of PhP 0.50 million, or PhP 148.81 per respondent, is allocated for the conduct of the 2015 ALS.

  3. 2015 Backyard Livestock and Poultry Survey

    (PSA Approval Number: PSA-1513, expires on March 31, 2016)

    The Backyard Livestock and Poultry Survey (BLPS) provides quarterly reports on the supply and disposition of animals from backyard farms or small hold raiser. The survey mainly collects data on livestock and poultry disposition, current egg production for ducks and chickens, and dairy information for carabao, cattle, and goat.

    The BLPS utilizes the same sampling frame as that of the Monthly Palay and Corn Situation Reporting System, Palay and Corn Stocks and Survey, and Palay and Corn Production Survey. As such, the number of BLPS respondents varies on whether a sampled barangay is a major or minor producer of palay/corn.

    The 2015 BLPS is allotted a PhP 0.32 million budget for personal services, travel expenses, purchase of supplies, printing, and field operations, among others. Results of the survey will be released every 15 days after the reference quarter.

  4. 2015 Organic Agriculture Production Survey

    (PSA Approval Number: PSA-1517, expires on March 31, 2016)

    In response to the increasing health consciousness and awareness of consumers on the nutritional value of organically-grown products, the PSA conducts the Organic Agriculture Production Survey (OAPS) to monitor the growing concern on organic production. The OAPS is done to generate information on the production of such commodities, particularly the following:

    • Major commodities grown, raised, or cultured

    • Size of agricultural area

    • Volume of production

    • Production practices

    • Destinations of products sold/processed

    • Plans for expansion of organic farms

    • Problems encountered in organic farming

    The data collection phase of the 2015 OAPS will run from May 4 to 15, 2015 and will be distributed to 3,040 practitioners nationwide. A budget of PhP 7.00 million, or PhP 2,302.63 per respondent, is allocated for the conduct of the survey.

    Results of the OAPS will be released in October 2015.

The conduct of the 2015 CrPS, ALS, BLPS, and OAPS were granted approval numbers under the Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism instituted by the PSA to ensure that statistics generated from government surveys are reliable, accurate, comparable, and conform to prescribed statistical concepts and standards. The system likewise ensures economy in the conduct of these statistical data collection activities.

The BLPS is a designated statistical activity under Executive Order   No. 352, “Designation of Statistical Activities that will Generate Critical Data for Decision-Making of the Government and the Private Sector.”

In light of this, the public is enjoined to participate in these surveys.





(Interim Deputy National Statistician)





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