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Philippine Statistics Authority Grants Clearance to the Conduct of the 2014 Survey of the Metalworking Industry



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Press Release
Philippine Statistics Authority Grants Clearance
to the Conduct of the 2014 Survey of the Metalworking Industry  
(PSA-PR-201501-PP1-01, Posted 05 February 2015)


The metalworking industry, which is comprised of fabricated metal products and basic metal industries subsectors, records promising standings in the Philippine economy.  Based on the recent national accounts estimates, fabricated metal products industry subsector is considered to be one of the main drivers of the country’s manufacturing sector, recording a 39.1 percent growth rate in 2014.  While the basic metal industries subsector experienced a setback by 8.5 percent in 2014 compared to last year in terms of its contribution to the economy, its gross value added (GVA) amounted to 43.8 billion pesos at current prices – larger than those registered in the leather products, rubber and plastic products and wood articles subsectors.

Metalworking covers activities of shaping and transforming the properties of metals to serve a wide variety of purposes ranging from utensils, decors and fixtures, tools and dies, farm implements, appliances or large-scale structures such as ships and bridges to precise engine, machine and equipment parts as well as delicate jewelry. Firms in the metalworking industry employ processes such as metal casting, forging, die casting, machining, metal joining (e.g. soldering, brazing, welding, riveting, etc.), electroplating and finishing, stamping, heat treating, press working, among others.

To monitor the progress in the metalworking industry in the Philippines, the Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will be conducting the 2014 Survey of the Metalworking Industry (SWMI) covering the electroplating and welding sectors.  The survey aims to collect and generate information on the electroplating and welding shops/establishments on aspects such as employment size and profile of production workers, metalworking processes employed, volume and cost of production, revenue, target market, equipment, raw materials as of 2014; and business outlook and plans for the next five years.  MIRDC shall utilize the results of the survey to determine issues and concerns in the supply and production and business prospects in the electroplating and welding sectors and to serve as basis for the formulation and upgrading of development programs for the said sectors.   Researchers, investors and other stakeholders are likewise expected to benefit from the information obtained through the survey.

MIRDC defines electroplating sector as comprised of shops/establishments dealing with coating of metal through electrolysis. Meanwhile, the welding sector includes shops/establishments employing the process of joining metals resulting to a metalwork or product.  Form 1 of the SMWI shall be administered nationwide starting March 2015 to 116 electroplating shops/establishments, whereas Form 2 of the survey will be distributed to 1,400 welding shops/establishments. These samples are derived by utilizing the sampling frame containing the predetermined list of identified electroplating and welding shops/establishments used in MIRDC’s previous researches.

In 2013, MIRDC conducted the SMWI covering the stamping sector. The operations associated with stamping include bending, blanking, piercing, coining, forming, drawing and embossing.  The report on the results of the SMWI on the stamping sector shall be disseminated in February 2015.

The clearance of the conduct of the 2014 SMWI has been granted on January 23, 2015, with clearance numbers MIRDC-1502-01 and MIRDC-1502-02 under the Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism to ensure that statistical censuses and surveys sponsored or conducted by government agencies conform to prescribed statistical standards and that data generated from them are statistically reliable, comparable and consistent.  Confidentiality of information gathered from establishments by the PSA is ensured under the Republic Act No. 10625 (Philippine Statistical Act of 2013). 

The total budget allocated for the survey is estimated at PhP 1.4 million or PhP 946.57 per respondent establishment to cover printing, supplies and travelling expenses of the enumerators as well as data processing, tabulation and report dissemination.   Results of the 2014 SMWI on the electroplating and welding sectors shall be released by MIRDC in March 2016.

Establishments in the electroplating and welding sectors are enjoined to participate in the nationwide survey undertaking.




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