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Philippine Statistics Authority Conducts Market Price Surveys for Unprocessed Agricultural Commodities



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Press Release
Philippine Statistics Authority Conducts Market Price Surveys
for Unprocessed Agricultural Commodities

(PR-CTCO-SS-201507-04, Posted 22 July 2015)


Agricultural market prices are important determinants of supply and demand levels. They influence decisions related to the type and volume of agricultural production activity and provide guidelines for policy formulation and executive action.

To implement a comprehensive and responsive marketing information for unprocessed agricultural commodities, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) conducts weekly surveys that monitor wholesale and retail market prices of unprocessed agricultural commodities.

Information collected from traders are price per unit, price range, prevailing prices of cereals, crops, fish, meat and poultry as well as information relative to Market Supply-Demand. These surveys are run under Agricultural Marketing Information System – Agricultural Marketing News Service (AGMARIS-AMNEWSS) – an integrated system of collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating information that involves design and implementation of site-specific monitoring scheme that parallels the existing marketing system. Price surveys are implemented in major local/provincial market centers and strategic terminal markets throughout the country. These markets and commodities are selected based on criteria specific for wholesale and retail markets. Thirty one sites follow the AGMARIS collection methodology while the rest follow the AMNEWSS procedure. Using the list of traders developed from the AGMARIS-AMNEWSS system, the surveys collect information on at least five (5) traders per market day per commodity. For 2015, the market price surveys conducted are the following:

1. Wholesale Price Survey
(PSA Approval Number: PSA-1530-01-02, expires on 31 May 2016)

Wholesale Price Survey covers wholesale price for two (2) categories, namely: wholesale buying price and wholesale selling price. Wholesale buying price is the price that traders pay on commodities they buy in bulk from farmers/raisers/ fishermen and fellow traders. This is collected in 38 provinces and 77 markets and is monitored in 93 commodities. Wholesale selling price, on the other hand, refers to the price at which traders or distributors sell their commodities in bulk to retailers and other distributors. This is collected in 70 provinces covering 144 commodities in 84 markets. The markets covered possess the following characteristics: (1) considered as the first point of sale or “bagsakan” area, (2) site of active trading of substantial quantities of varied commodities, (3) accessible to major cross roads and market infrastructure and (4) are strategically located relative to production area.

2. Retail Price Survey
(PSA Approval Number: PSA-1529-01-02, expires on 31 May 2016)

Retail selling price is the price which the retailers sell their goods or commodities to consumers in the market place.

Retail Price Survey is undertaken in 81 provinces/cities including Metro Manila covering different commodities, ranging from 77 to 139 commodities. A total of 114 markets are being monitored, and selected based on the following criteria: (1) considerable number of traders, (2) medium to large volume traded (3) patronized by majority of consumers in the area (4) receive shipments/stocks from other market or supply area within and outside the province and (5) strategically located along main roads and accessible transport routes.

Results from both surveys in terms of prevailing prices are released weekly while average prices are released every 30th day of the reference month.

The above-mentioned surveys were granted approval numbers under the Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism instituted by the PSA to ensure that statistics generated from government surveys are reliable, accurate, comparable, and conform to prescribed statistical concepts and standards. The system likewise ensures economy in the conduct of these statistical data collection activities.

In light of this, the public, particularly the agricultural traders are enjoined to participate in these surveys.




Deputy National Statistician




1 Contact Persons

Ms. Maria Fe M. Talento, Ms. Patricia Anne L. Rivera, Ms. Gretchen M. Sacang
and Ms. Sardis M. Catalan

Telephone No.:  (632) 462-6600 loc.822 and 805




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