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About PC-Axis

What is PC-Axis?

PC AXIS logoPC-AXIS for Windows is a software developed by Statistics Sweden. Basically, it is a software for the management of large amount of statistics.

In PC-Axis, it is possible to rearrange tables, establish local statistical databases and to export tables to a variety of different file formats. Optional formats include Excel as well as HTML for Internet or Intranet

It was initially developed for the 1990 Population Census in Sweden. Further developments are guided by an international PC-Axis Reference Group with participants from other licensed PC-Axis-using national statistical offices. The distribution of the software in the Philippines by the National Statistical Coordination Board has been authorized by Statistics Sweden as part of their joint project "the Development of the National Statistical Information Center System Phase 2."

PC-Axis is normally distributed as an integral part of a statistical product developed for the Internet or in CD-ROM.

To be able to use the statistical files in the best way, you need to have the latest version of the Windows-based PC-AXIS installed. If you have installed PC-AXIS and you click on a statistical file in a subject area, PC-AXIS will start and you will get a dialogue box with the variables and values which the table contains. You can press the button "All" to see the complete table but you can also choose to select only some of the variables/values.

Download PC-Axis Version 2004 [ 6.28MB]

Download Sample Dataset [ sample.px - 3KB]


  • Import of PC-Axis Files on diskette and CD-ROM and databases on the Internet
  • Export of tables to Lotus, Excel, dBase, MapInfo, NSD-stat, ASCII, PRN, HTML, etc.
  • Automatic data base management using metadata in the PC-Axis Format
  • Table presentation including footnotes and additional metadata
  • Graphical presentation of different diagrams such as population pyramids, etc.
  • Calculation on tables
  • Pivoting, rearranging and editing in the tables
Hardware Requirements
  • Personal computer with hard disk
  • IBM or compatible Processor: Minimum Intel 80486 Memory
  • Minimum 64 MB (internal memory/RAM)
  • Operating system: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP or NT
  • CD-ROM drive