I-STATS - PSA Interactive Statistical Databases


New Features

Charts - you can now chart your selected data series in 10 chart types (line, column, bar, etc.),
2 modes (normal, 3d) and 3 resolutions (320*240 480*360, 640*480 )

Pivoting - you can now pivot your selected table counterclockwise, clockwise or by manually selecting the stubs and headings

Summation - you can now add column or row totals

New Databases

Additional Databases

Current subscribers of our i-stats are automatically subscribed to six regional databases: Ilocos, Southern Tagalog, Bicol, Western Visayas, Zamboanga, and Soccsksargen

New Facilities

My Databases - by clicking the "My Databases" anywhere in the i-stats site, you will be brought to your home page where you can access the databases you are subscribed to

Breadcrumbs - to aid your navigation, breadcrumbs are present in each page

Printing - CSS-based printing is now available to get rid of the banners and footers. Printing includes complete metadata.

Search - enables searching for indicators in stubs/headings of tables just by entering a keyword

Log-out - in order to protect your account information, there is now a log-out facility.