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Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

The Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC) is a systematic classification and coding of geographic areas of the Philippines.

It is based on the four well-established hierarchical levels of geographical-political subdivisions of the country such as the administrative region, the province, the municipality/city and the barangay.

Aside from being an instrument of securing uniformity and comparability of various statistics relating to geographic areas, the PSGC has the following other uses:

The 1996 PSGC revises the first PSGC published by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in 1977. It is based on the masterlist of barangays as of 31 December 1996 established by the Technical Working Group on Geographic Classification (TWG-GC) under the NSCB Technical Committee on Statistical Standards and Classification (TCSSC) composed of members from the following agencies:

The PSGC incorporates all changes in the geographical-political subdivision that took place from 1977 to present such as changes in names, status (e.g. "sitios" converted into a barangay or a municipality converted into a city, etc.) and number of geographical-political unit from the regional down to the barangay level as a result of new creations, transfer, merger and abolition.

To make the PSGC more useful, the Department of Finance (DOF) classification of provinces, cities and municipalities by income size and the NSO urban-rural classification of barangays based on the 1970 definition were incorporated in the code book.

Visit the PSGC Online to search, browse and read the latest updates.

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