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In our continuing efforts to provide relevant statistics to our local and foreign data users in the Web,  we are putting online the Countryside in Figures. The Countryside in Figures is an integrated database of provincial level statistics which covers seven sectors on the provinces in the Philippines.

The ranking of the provinces based on more than 40 indicators will be useful for comparing the performance of the provinces in the Philippines.


Statistical Profile
2012 - 2012

Sector Indicator SOUTH COTABATO
  Palay Production (In metric tons) 309,941.0 
  Corn Production (In metric tons) 435,981.0 
  Chicken Inventory 2,711,072 
  Backyard Duck Inventory 324,379 
  Commercial Duck Inventory 44,857 
  Duck Inventory 369,236 
  Aquaculture Fish Production (In metric tons) 3,537.9 
  Commercial Fish Production (In metric tons) 204,721.4 
  Municipal Fish Production (In metric tons) 1,848.5 
  Fish Production (In metric tons) 210,107.8 
  Backyard Carabao Inventory 45,900 
  Commercial Carabao Inventory
  Carabao Inventory 45,900 
  Backyard Cattle Inventory 57,796 
  Commercial Cattle Inventory 17,410 
  Cattle Inventory 75,206 
  Backyard Goat Inventory 41,425.0 
  Commercial Goat Inventory 1,495 
  Goat Inventory 42,920 
  Backyard Hog Inventory 100,906 
  Commercial Hog Inventory 296,356 
  Hog Inventory 397,262 
  Banana Production (In metric tons) 261,972.6 
  Mango Production (In metric tons) 17,026.9 
  Coconut Production (In metric tons) 173,572.8 
  Government Elementary Enrolment 201,166 
  Government Secondary Enrolment 84,188 
  Government Elementary Teachers 5,029 
  Government Secondary Teachers 2,419 
Family Income and Expenditures
  Number of Families ... 
  Average Annual Family Income (In pesos) ... 
  Average Annual Family Expenditures (in pesos) ... 
  Financial Resources (In million pesos) 1,305.1 
  Financial Resources per Capita (In pesos) ... 
  Internal Revenue Allotment (In million pesos) 751.1 
  Internal Revenue Allotment per Capita (In pesos) ... 
  Tax Revenue (In million pesos) ... 
  Non Tax Revenue (In million pesos) ... 
  BIR Revenue Collection (In million pesos) 2,507.6 
  Active Barangay Health Workers ... 
  Total Health Workers ... 
  Safe Water Supply ... 
  Sanitary Toilet ... 
  Barangay Health Stations ... 
  Fully Immunized Children (9-11mos) ... 
  Total Bank Deposits (In million pesos) 34,893.9 
  Private Commercial Bank Deposits (In million pesos) ... 
  Government Bank Deposits (In million pesos) ... 
  Thrift Bank Deposits (In million pesos) 1,912.1 
  Rural Bank Deposits (In million pesos) 171.4 
  Total Number of Pawnshops 266 
  Head Office Pawnshops 104 
  Branch Office Pawnshops 162 
  Total Number of Banks 96.0 
  Private Commercial Bank 57.0 
  Government Bank ... 
  Thrift Bank 18.0 
  Rural Bank 21.0 
  Total Length of National Roads (In Kilometers) 276.0 
  Length of Concrete National Roads (In Kilometers) 183.5 
  Length of Asphalt National Roads (In Kilometers) 41.9 
  Length of Gravel National Roads (In Kilometers) 43.9 
  Length of Earth National Roads (In Kilometers) 6.8 
  Total Length of National Bridges (In Kilometers 2001-2005) (In Lineal Meters 2006-2012) 1,523.0 
  Length of Concrete National Bridges (In Lineal Meters) 1,486 
  Length of Steel National Bridges (In Lineal Meters) 37 
  Length of Bailey National Bridges (In Lineal Meters)
  Length of Timber National Bridges (In Lineal Meters)
  Number of Telephone Line Subscribers 15,047 
  Number of Installed Telephone Lines 59,126 
General Information
  Population ... 
  Human Development Index ... 
  Registered Voters ... 
  Population Projection ... 
  Population Density ... 
  Poverty Incidence of Families 25.8 
  Magnitude of Poor Families 85,814 
  Per Capita Poverty Threshold 19,846.8 
  Consumer Price Index (1994=100) 129.9 
  Inflation Rate 2.7 
Labor and Employment
  Employment Rate (October Round) 95.7 
  Labor Force Participation Rate ( October Round) 64.1 
  Employed Persons (April Round) ... 
  Unemployed Persons (April Round) ... 
  Total Labor Force (April Round) ... 
Public Order, Safety and Justice
  Total Crime 3,194 
  Total Index Crime 1,697 
  Total Non-Index Crime 1,497 
  Foreign Travellers 4,822 
  Domestic Travellers 153,011 
  Filipino Overseas
  Total Visitors/Travellers in the Philippines 157,833 
  Total Motor Vehicles Registration 132,454.0 
  Private Motor Vehicles Registration 118,422.0 
  Government Motor Vehicles Registration 1,866.0 
  For Hire Motor Vehicles Registration 12,166.0 
  Total Number of Energized Barangays 376.0 
  Total Number of Unenergized Barangays 0.0 

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