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On the computation of official poverty lines

This article seeks to clarify some of the points and misconceptions mentioned in the press statement of the Civil Society Organizations at the National Consultation on the Philippines Mid-term Progress Report on the MDGs convened by Social Watch Philippines on 15 August 2007 concerning the estimation of official poverty thresholds in the country.

1. Social Watch statement:

“Poverty statistics are doubtful because of the underestimated poverty thresholds…”

NSCB clarification

2. Social Watch statement:

“…lack of comparability and inconsistency of estimates because of changes in methodology in 1992 and 2003, and exclusion of families without "official and permanent residence," i.e. ambulant poor who live under bridges, road islands, and along the streets.. Furthermore, declines in poverty incidence are negated by high population growth rates.”

NSCB clarification


1 Per Executive Order No. 352, the TC PovStat is responsible for the development of the official poverty estimation methodology. This is a multi-sectoral representation consisting of noted experts in the area of poverty statistics coming from the academe, producers and users of poverty statistics from both government and non-government organizations


posted 24 August 2007.


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