Call for Prospective Project Database Administrator for the Philippine Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (Phil-WAVES) Project: Grant No. TF016218








Call for Prospective Project Database Administrator for the Philippine Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (Phil-WAVES) Project: Grant No. TF016218
(Posted 04 August 2015)



The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is inviting prospective Project Database Administrator whose expertise in database and information system development and management would be needed in the implementation of the Philippine Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystems Services (Phil-WAVES).

  1. Background

The WAVES Global Partnership Program (GPP) promotes sustainable development worldwide through the implementation of wealth accounting that focuses on integrating natural capital accounting (NCA) in the system of national accounts for development planning and policy analysis.

The Philippines was identified as one of the pilot countries for the WAVES GPP. The project activities, among others, will generate the data and indicators necessary to inform development planning and policy analysis on the sustainable use of key natural resources and will support institutionalization of the 2012 SEEA.

Aligned with the institutionalization component of the project there is the need to establish a regular generation, processing and compilation of data for the NCA and Ecosystems Accounts. At the same time, generation and compilation must adopt some changes in technical perspectives to be able to respond to the increasing demands of a complex statistical development – responsive to the call for a “data revolution”. This would involve the enhancement of procedures and processes not only on the generation and compilation but also in the dissemination of NCA and Ecosystems accounts results.

The system has the following components: (i) automation of the compilation process and procedures of the PSA with a link to the MGB database, (ii) implementation of an electronic registration system for company reports in compliance to MGB Forms, Annual Integrated Report (IAR) forms and related statistics, (iii) development of a Database System for MGB with the link between its regional and national data for mining/mineral accounts, (iv) development of a Phil-WAVES/Environmental and Disaster Statistics Division (EDSD) Web page; and, (v) institutionalization of an electronic registration system for the conduct of quarterly and annual survey of mining establishments.

The database and information system shall require the hiring of a Database Programmer/Administrator, who shall implement the requirements of the system.

    1. Objectives of the project:

The objective of the Philippine Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystems Recipient-Executed Trust Fund (Phil-WAVES RETF) is to support institutionalization of selected modules of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) 2012.

    1. Scope and Work of the Database Programmer/Administrator

The Project Database Programmer/Administrator shall have the following responsibilities:

              3.1 Review the SEEA 2012 framework and its recommended classification system for mineral accounting, the initial results of the Philippine mineral accounts developed under the Phil-WAVES project; and, identify database data requirements.

              3.2 Conduct an evaluation of existing database systems within the PSA and the MGB.

              3.3 Develop a database system suitable for environmental accounting and indicators system.

              3.4 Develop an automated compilation system for mineral accounting within the PSA.

              3.5 Act as the overall administrator of the developed database and information system by performing the following:

              • Develop a manual of operation for the system that would include specifications and flowcharts, well defined optimum access techniques and installation requirements, etc.

              • Maintain database performance by instituting maintenance requirements

              • Incorporate updates and new releases

              • Evaluate computer operating systems and hardware products

              3.6 Design a program for techno transfer and prepare users through the conduct of trainings.

              3.7 Conduct research, data gathering and processing activities for the generation of maps and perform biophysical modelling for the mineral and mangrove accounts outputs.

              3.8 Develop and recommend an information highway/physical infrastructure plan for the minerals and mining sector and identify the functional capabilities of the PSA and MGB for its adoption.

              3.9 Perform Other Tasks as May Be Assigned by the Project Manager of Phil-WAVES Project.

              1. Evaluation Criteria

                The following criteria will be used in the evaluation of the candidates and in the selection of the Project Database Programmer/Administrator.

    Weight (%)



      Relevant Training/s


      Must have at least 5 years’ experience in database development, performance tuning, database security, promoting process improvement, problem solving, presenting technical information, quality focus, database management, data maintenance, operating systems, information security policy  

      (knowledge on GIS shall be an advantage)


      Overall work commitment and availability




    1. Required Documents

All applicants are requested to submit the following documents on or before August 15, 2015:

      5.1 Expression of interest

      5.2 Curriculum vitae detailing the applicant’s qualification, relevant experience and competence, and references

      Please submit application letter with the corresponding attachments to:

Mary Rose A. Brillo
Human Resource Division (HRD)
Philippine Statistics Authority
11th Flr. Cyber Pod Centris Eton One, EDSA, Quezon City
Tel. No. 3748260/61, Email Address:

    1. Project Database Administrator/Administrator - Services Fee:        

Payment for the services rendered by the Project Database Administrator is Forty Thousand Pesos per Month (40,000.00).  This amount shall include other benefits and applicable taxes.

For inquiries and clarifications, please contact Interim Assistant National Statistician Raymundo J. Talento at telephone number 376-2041 or e-mail address

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